Roxana is a film  and theatre director, writer, performer and musician.  Educated at the Edinburgh College of Art in Fine Arts In Film, and at Edinburgh University, she also trained at Ecole International de Theatre Jacques Lecoq, Paris.

Her film work has taken her to some of the most troubled parts of the globe. Works include Iranian Enough? as presenter / writer for BBC World/ BBC Persian. A commissioned 50 minute documentary exploring the issues surrounding identity for the Iranian diaspora in the USA and UK; Iraq Shorts: Commissioned by the British Council, Literature Across Frontiers and Reel Festivals Roxana travellled to Iraq and created 4 new short films, working specifically with Iraqi poets from Baghdad and Erbil; Poets of Protest: was commissioned to create a new short film series called ‘Poets of Protest’ for Artscape, Al Jazeera English, each film is a portrait of the poet combined with visual cinematic interpretations  of their arabic poetry. Filmed in Lebanon, Norway, Egypt, France and Algeria; Road to Damascus, A Palestinian Poet in Beirut and The Confession, was commissioned by Reel Festivals and funded by Creative Scotland Vital Sparks  to create three experimental film works in Beirut in response to a festival of Scottish and Arabic poetry.

Her theatre work includes: The Conference of the Birds, a large scale experimental performance, through the Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh; The Lost Happy Endings, a large scale promenade performance featuring 50 musicians and 150 perfromers, Edinburgh Royal Botanic Gardens; Suppose Life, for which she was writer and director of a promenade outdoor theatrical performance through Glasshouses of the Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh; Festus, a new opera, composed by Dee Isaacs performed at The Tramway Glasgow and the Traverse Edinburgh.

Roxana also performs with the group GOL, based in Edinburgh, fusing Persian and English languages and styles, Uk–Iranian- Jazz electronica.

Recent work: MTV Rebel Music: Season II, Iran,  A World Elsewhere (BBC Radio4).

Roxana is winner of the Best Music Video at the California International Shorts Festival 2016 for We’ve got Wings by TamTam

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